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The WALK 2013

Team Anthony

Welcome to Team Anthony's WALK Page!

The WALK,  an inspirational morning event to raise money and awareness to benefit children and adults affected by leukemia, lymphoma and other related blood disorders across Michigan.

$20 covers the cost of a patient to attend a CLF sponsored respite event 

$30 provides one Stepping Stones, a manual designed to address some of the most common issues of newly diagnosed individuals and families

$40 covers the cost of round trip travel to a treatment center- as much as 500 miles

$80 will brighten the holiday time by providing a toy package to young paitents and their siblings as well as children of adult patients 

$100 covers the cost of a wig or other head covering

$500 maintains a family's rent for one month, making it possible to afford out-of-town lodging expenses so they can be at their loved one's side- where they belong

$1000 helps over the cost of an individual's prescriptions for one month

$1500 will help provide financial support services for one family for one year

Team Anthony Raised
Brian Titus $40.00
$200 Milestone! Personal Gift Megan Fineis $250.00
$1000 Milestone! Tom Fineis $2,700.00
Zachary Gambrell $0.00
Personal Gift Allie Guastella $30.00
$100 Milestone! Ashley Guastella $100.00
Brian Guastella $50.00
$200 Milestone! Cali Guastella $410.00
$100 Milestone! Jonathon Guastella $120.00
Kennedy Guastella $30.00
Personal Gift Larry Guastella $100.00
Brent Jennings $0.00
Personal Gift Susan Keine $50.00
$200 Milestone! Personal Gift Renee Kernen $225.00
$200 Milestone! Ashley Miller $460.00
Ashley Miller $0.00
$1000 Milestone! Personal Gift Kenneth Miller $1,000.00
Kenny Miller $0.00
$500 Milestone! Greg Selewski $615.00
$100 Milestone! Jeffrey Selewski $110.00
$100 Milestone! Vanessa Titus $100.00
Team Gifts $130.00
Denotes a Team Captain